Mantoflex Costruzioni Impianti Sportivi vendenbsp; and installanbsp; in Italy paddle fields; built nbsp; with galvanized steel plates; and structural aluminum pylons. The qualitagrave ;, flexibilitagrave; and lightness of the aluminum alloy guarantees a high durability; of the structure against corrosion and all mechanical actions to which it is subjected. In addition, all systems for hooking the plates made of galvanized steel, embedded in the structural aluminum trusses, give the load-bearing structure an enormous resistance enbsp; durability. The dinbsp systems; fixing the welded meshes and the crystals, have been studied with simple and perfect mechanical systems and seals, which give the structure elegance and maintenance of the necessary coplanaritagrave;, nbsp; an indispensable condition for safe use. The aluminum structure of our. fields from padelnbsp; vienenbsp; guaranteed fifteen years against corrosion, painting and manufacturing defects. The surfacesinbsp; erbasint and the Mantoflex assembly nbsp; guarantee a quality now confirmed by almost trentrsquo; years of experience in the sports construction sector. Mantoflex assistance and organization, present throughout the national territory, will allow you to do so; to be followed from the first construction phases to any needs; post-construction.nbsp;

Costonbsp; Trellis Padel euro ; 18.800,00.nbsp; Padel Panoramiconbsp cost; euro; 18.800,00. Inbsp; prezzinbsp; are inclusive of anbsp; surface innbsp; synthetic grass Mantoflexnbsp; and lighting poles. Excluding the cost of installation ednbsp; delnbsp; transport to be defined nbsp; in relation to the region and the number of padelnbsp; purchased.