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Fast courts

F.I.T. Project fast fields

The F.I.T. Project Campi Veloci is a strategic initiative of the Italian Tennis Federation, aimed at stimulating and increasing the supply of synthetic surface fields in the Italian Tennis Clubs. From the analysis carried out the training and competitive activity in Italy is nowadays excessively concentrated on the red earth and this constitutes a serious obstacle for the technical evolution of young tennis players with ambitions to professionalism. The goal of achieving the largest possible number of synthetic surfaces will be of great help for a better competitive technical development of Italian tennis.

Cushion comfort
Cushion Comfort Special
Comfort extraflex
Trasformazione campo terra rossa

Transformation of a red earth surface with multi-colored comfort resin floors, cushion comfort and special cushion comfort.

Rolling with appropriate roller of the red earth surface until complete settling;

Supply and laying of TNT (non-woven fabric);

Leveling and final clogging with approx. 5/10 stabilized (IF NECESSARY) spread according to the due levels, including the continuous control of the planes and the rolling with a vibrating roller until complete settling;

Supply and installation of the conglomerate connecting layer bituminous binder type, with a special granulometry, thickness cm. 5, hot rolled according to the required levels, made by hand with non-deformable rules or with an electronically controlled paver, including rolling with a suitable weight roller;

Formation of a bituminous conglomerate mat with a special granulometry , average thickness cm. 2.5 / 3.0nbsp; hot spread according to the required levels, made by hand with non-deformable rules or with a vibratory finishing machine, including rolling with a roller of adequate weight;

Supply and installation of surfaces in multicolor resins mantoflex comfort, cushion comfort, cushion comfort special and tennis game tracking. All Mantoflex floors are made with certified I.T.F. resins